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Elderly care in Honolulu

Hale Malamalama knows that the decision to place a loved one in an elder care facility is never easy. You're overwhelmed with mixed emotions, the primary one being guilt. At Hale Malamalama, we want you to get rid of it. You can rest assured that your parent, grandparent or other elderly relative is receiving top-notch care in an environment that's more like home than a hospital.

Experience our concept of care

Any business begins with finding a need and filling it. Hale Malamalama is no exception. Founders Frank and Harue Ono saw a need for a kind of elder care that emphasized quality over quantity. From a humble beginning of 6 beds, they've expanded to a capability of 40 beds, and that's as big as we want to be! See the difference for yourself!

They'll never be alone

Hale Malamalama prides itself on respecting each individual client's desire for companionship and interaction. Not a minute will pass where they're not looked after. Our nursing staff is on site 24 hours a day to tend to whatever need may arise. Your loved one will be in good company with us!
"Everyone knows they're good at what they do." - Wellness.com

Teamwork makes the difference

Have you ever been in a place where the left hand didn't seem to know what the right hand was doing? We have, and we vowed never to let that take place at Hale Malamalama. The staff is directly responsible for their patients, however, all of our staff works as a team to ensure constant, quality care for everyone here.
Nursing care for elders in Honolulu, HI
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